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Is the winter season giving you a bit of cabin fever? It’s important to find ways to get your body moving and your mind active to kick those feelings to the curb.

Whether you like to stay cozy indoors or brave the cold, there are plenty of winter activities for seniors to enjoy. You can try them on your own or bring a friend or family member with you, too. The choice is yours!

Keep reading to get some ideas on what to do this season.

Practice Indoor Yoga

If you like to stay fit and don’t have any limiting health conditions, at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week are ideal. A great and relaxing way to do this is by practicing yoga. It’s one of the most calming indoor activities, but it also helps your body stay active.

Yoga can reduce anxiety while also strengthening muscles and lowering high blood pressure. To get started, look for an instructor experienced in working with seniors. Be careful to avoid overexerting yourself.

Grab Binoculars and Go Birdwatching

Do you have a pair of binoculars? Grab them and head outside! Use them to enjoy the winter weather and watch for different bird species.

Whether you’re at a senior care facility or your own home, you won’t have to go far. You’d be surprised how many types of birds perch around, no matter where you’re located.

Create a DIY Snowglobe

Crafty winter activities for seniors are a fun way to help the mind stay active. With supplies like a clean mason jar, glycerin, water, and glitter, you can create a snowglobe on your own. DIY snowglobes make stunning decorative pieces or work as gifts for loved ones.

After you finish, you can even decorate the jar’s lid with ribbons or lace to create an attractive base.

Go Out for a Walk

Even as you get older, it’s vital to move around to help your body stay healthy. If you don’t mind the winter weather, you can do just that and get some fresh air by going out for a walk. If you prefer indoor activities, walk on a treadmill.

Depending on your location, you can walk around the neighborhood, in a nearby town, or at a gym. Be careful to avoid crowded areas or icy patches so you won’t get hurt.

Check Out a Local Coffee Shop

Do you need something to help deal with the cold? Consider taking a trip to a local coffee shop! While there, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Invite a friend or loved one so you can catch up with them. You could also go alone and read a newspaper or book.

Try These Winter Activities for Seniors

You don’t have to remain bored indoors all season long. Instead, have fun and let loose with these winter activities for seniors! They’ll get your body moving and keep your mind sharp, so you’ll stay healthy.

If you find yourself needing assistance with any of these activities, contact Caring Healthcare. Our in-home professionals can provide help, care, and transportation to meet your needs.