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Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the brain and is responsible for a slow decline in clear thinking, memory, and reasoning skills. It’s a condition that creeps up on someone gradually, but there are some warnings signs of Alzheimer’s. Here are nine that shouldn’t be ignored.

Memory Loss 

As people age, they sometimes forget the name of an acquaintance, but the answer will pop into their heads later. With Alzheimer’s, it becomes increasingly difficult to recall these things. The sufferer will request the same information over and over, forget important dates and events, and become increasingly reliant on memory aids and family.

Difficulties with Everyday Tasks

It’s normal to occasionally slip up when balancing a checkbook. However, someone with Alzheimer’s will be challenged to do things that were easily accomplished in the past. They can’t follow a familiar recipe, keep track of monthly bills, or remember the route to a much-used shopping location. They have difficulty concentrating and even if they manage to finish a task, it takes much longer than it used to.

Judgment Problems

Everyone makes a bad judgment call once in a while, but one warning sign of Alzheimer’s is the inability to make sensible decisions. Someone with Alzheimer’s is easily persuaded to part with large amounts of money by telemarketers. They also typically tend to pay less and less attention to cleanliness and good grooming.

Confusion Concerning Time or Place

When we retire, we may occasionally forget which day of the week it is, but we soon figure it out that it’s Wednesday. Unfortunately, people with Alzheimer’s tend to continually misunderstand the passage of time and lose track of dates, days, and even the seasons. They often forget where they are or how they got there.

Trouble Understanding Visual Images and Spatial Relationships

As we age, most of us experience some kind of changes to our vision, but we get new glasses and move on. However, for some people, vision difficulties may be one warning sign of Alzheimer’s. Problems may include trouble reading, judging distances and determining colors, such as whether the traffic light is red or green.

Difficulties with Words

Everyone knows the feeling when occasionally you just can’t find the correct word. However, Alzheimer’s sufferers continuously struggle with coming up with the right word, or they call things by the wrong name. They have trouble trying to follow or join in a conversation. They may stop in the middle of talking and be completely befuddled about how to continue, or they may repeat what they’ve just said.

Misplacing Things and Inability to Retrace Steps

It’s normal to misplace your keys or reading glasses, but usually you manage to find them. Another warning sign of Alzheimer’s is the tendency to put things in unusual places and the inability to retrace the steps needed to find them. Sometimes, the afflicted person ends up accusing others of stealing.

Withdrawal from Activities

Sometimes you feel fed up with work, family, or social commitments, but you get over it. It’s different for a person with Alzheimer’s – they may start to remove themselves entirely from activities that they previously enjoyed. This may include work projects, hobbies, social events, or sports.

Mood and Personality Changes

Many people occasionally become irritable if their routine is disrupted. However, Alzheimer’s can cause more than occasional changes in a previously calm, happy person. The individual may become confused, fearful, anxious, suspicious, or depressed.

Early Alzheimer’s Detection Really Matters

With early detection, treatments are available that may provide some relief from the signs of Alzheimer’s. At Caring Healthcare we aim to help each Alzheimer’s patient stay in their home and live an independent life as long as possible. So, if you are managing the effects of Alzheimer’s in a loved one, give us a call today.