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In today’s busy world, it’s common to feel that there are never enough hours in the day. However, if you are caring for a homebound loved one, there seem to be even fewer hours available to you. The weeks and months pass by, and you occasionally stop and ponder how they could have slipped away so quickly. You probably feel frazzled, and you can barely keep up. So what can you do if your life has turned into a rollercoaster of stress? The answer lies in good time management, so here are some tips that are almost as good as having a caregiver clone!

Look for Clusters

Instead of doing a bunch of things individually, you will save time by grouping them together. For instance, if you have several errands to run in different parts of town, carefully plan out your route ahead of time. Visit stores that are close together before moving on to the next cluster. If you tend to squeeze things in on weekends or after work, check opening and closing times before you go. Grouping can also be beneficial for some activities. For example, if you find that you’re constantly doing laundry, designate one weekend day as laundry day. 

Use Your Computer

In today’s digital age, it’s easy and time-saving to do many activities online, including:

  • Automatic bill paying.
  • Making bank transfers.
  • Paying your taxes.
  • Refilling prescriptions. 
  • Ordering adult diapers.
  • Purchasing diabetic supplies.
  • Setting up regular deliveries of essential items.
  • Buying pet food.
  • Printing out postage.

You can probably come up with even more ideas depending on your individual situation. The bottom line is that the less you need to buy outside the home, the less time you have to spend shopping and lugging items back from stores.

Get Some Help

Whether you’re a part-time or full-time caregiver, don’t be ashamed to cry “uncle!” every now and then. After all, you’re only one person, and it’s too much to expect that you can do the work of two or three. If you’re in need of a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out to your relatives or get professional in-home assistance for you and your homebound loved one.

Give Yourself Some Time

When figuring out the best time management system, don’t forget to think about why you’re trying so hard to save time. Maybe you just want to simply catch your breath and get caught up on personal things. Perhaps you have been putting off that yearly medical checkup with your doctor, or you’ve canceled several dental appointments because you couldn’t afford the time. And, what about having lunch with that friend you’ve neglected or rejoining the book club you’ve abandoned. The important thing is to realize that you have a life outside of being a caregiver, and effective time management will free up some valuable time for yourself.

The Best In-Home Help in Columbia, South Carolina A specially trained home healthcare aide from Caring Healthcare is the closest thing to having a whole other “you” to help take some of the caregiver burden off your shoulders. Our in-home caregivers will ensure that your loved one stays safe and comfortable in their home when you’re not there and provide social interaction and companionship. We can provide any type of care that you need, so talk to us today to see how we can help you with your time management plan.