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depression in seniors

How to Identify and Treat Depression in Seniors

By Elder Care, Senior Care

According to the CDC, up to 13.5% of older Americans struggle with depression. There are age-related factors besides poor health that increase the odds of developing mental health issues. On the upside, depression in seniors is treatable, so don’t lose hope. Symptoms of Geriatric Depression Perhaps you’ve been feeling downcast for long stretches, or you’ve…

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Depression After a Stroke: How Can a Caregiver Help?

By Nursing Care, Stroke Victim Care

Depression after a stroke is common, affecting approximately two-thirds of stroke patients. Stroke sufferers face not only many immediate physical challenges, but their emotional well-being is also at risk. As a caregiver, paying attention to depression and anxiety after your loved one’s stroke is important and can play a significant role in the patient’s recovery. Stroke…

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