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music therapy

Music Therapy for Dementia: Does it Work?

By Dementia Care

Most people find music to be an enjoyable part of life, but can music actually “wake up” the mind? Definitely, according to therapists who have been using music therapy to promote a sense of self and memory in older adults suffering from dementia. Music therapy for dementia is a purposeful process where therapists work one-on-one…

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Make Your Home Safer for a Loved One with Dementia

How to Make Your Home Safer for a Loved One with Dementia

By Dementia Care, Elder Care, Senior Care

Does someone you love suffer from dementia? Living with dementia presents risks and hazards that can compromise autonomy over time. Before looking at assisted living or residential care, consider ways to make the home safer for dementia; these simple modifications could preserve independence and foster well-being without leaving the home. Make your home a safer place…

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