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The birds know that spring is here, and you are probably enjoying their sweet singing outside your window in the fresh morning air. This is exactly the right time for a fresh look around to see what has taken up space in your loved one’s home during their winter hibernation. And what many of us will find is clutter!

The primary cause of injury to seniors is falling. Falls can lead to cuts, hip fractures, head and brain injuries, and more. So it’s important to regularly take a look around your senior loved one’s home to check for anything that may seem out of place or potentially dangerous, like piles of magazines on the floor just waiting for someone to trip over them.

A spring decluttering project to reduce fall risks is a good idea. Here are our tips for creating a safe living environment for your senior loved ones:

Declutter Old Belongings

Begin by removing magazines, newspapers, boxes, extension cords, small pieces of furniture, and anything else you find yourself walking around or over. Make sure small objects and books all find homes on shelves and not on the floor. Here are some more things to pay attention to with the aim of creating a more risk-free environment for your loved one.

Secure Your Throw Rugs

Most people have no idea how hazardous rugs are and how often they contribute to falls. If a rug moves around when stepped on a slide and a fall could result. If a carpet is too thick, there’s a good probability that someone will trip over it. To help reduce fall risks, secure all rugs with double-sided carpet tape, or better still, remove them altogether.

Clear Indoor Walking Paths

Hallways, steps, and other pathways should be free of clutter and have adequate lighting. Especially important is the path from the bedroom to the bathroom, which gets used at night when the house is dark. Install some night lights to increase safety.

Install Handrails and Grab Bars

These are especially useful if your loved one has mobility issues. All staircases and long hallways should contain handrails. There should be a grab bar in the bathroom to help your senior get in and out of the shower.

Seek Professional Care

Spring is the perfect time to make your loved one’s home as safe as possible and reduce fall risks. Throw out the clutter and pay attention to anything that might cause a fall. If you need help with reorganizing your loved one’s living space and you live in or near Columbia, SC, Caring Healthcare is here for you.

We provide the highest quality in-home care for the elderly, children with special needs, and individuals with extra requirements because of illness or disability. We can provide customized services that ensure joyful, hazard-free living, so give us a call today to see how we can help you reduce fall risks.