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As a home health worker cares for his or her client, a certain bond will begin to develop. This bond will occur naturally, but if you specify that you want companionship when you hire a home health aide for a family member, this bond should develop quicker.

In addition to their healthcare-related duties, home health aides can offer their clients a high degree of companionship and camaraderie — when you’re hiring a home health aide for a loved one and are discussing what services you want to be provided, you can specify that companionship is a priority.

Although many elderly people can benefit from this type of companionship, here are some specific instances in which it is especially valuable.

After the Loss of a Spouse

Although you may spend a lot of time with an elderly parent after his or her spouse passes away, the reality is that you have your own life and can’t put it on hold. In this scenario, a home health aide who offers companionship can be valuable.

This healthcare professional isn’t there to simply cheer the client up, and the aide knows that grief can last for a long time. Rather, the aide will be present to perhaps bring some liveliness into the home and provide a pleasant change for the client.

This isn’t just valuable after a death; if the client’s spouse has had to move into a care facility, in-home care can be valuable for the partner left alone in the home.

During Surgery Rehabilitation

You may already be considering hiring in-home care for a family member recovering from a surgery, given a care worker’s ability to provide assistance in a number of ways. However, it’s important to also remember that post-surgery rehabilitation can be emotionally draining, especially if there are setbacks.

Your family member may occasionally get discouraged about his or her slow process and need someone to sit with him or her and provide companionship. The gentle and supporting words of a home health aide during this trying time can make a big difference.

When the Client Has Depression

People can suffer from depression for a number of reasons, but this emotional condition may come on when someone begins to live alone after years of living with someone else. While in-home care can help the client with cooking, cleaning and other things around the house, companionship can be just as valuable.

Although companionship doesn’t “cure” depression per se, the client’s family doctor may recommend that the client spends some time with a positive influence daily, and this is where the health aide can come in.

In Cases of Dementia

If your elderly parent is in the early stages of dementia, a home health aide will be valuable for keeping your loved one safe around the house. However, this healthcare professional’s companionship might provide an additional benefit.

People with dementia experience a wide range of symptoms. Some people get agitated when they’re alone, which can make you anxious whenever you’re not around your parent. You may find that the companionship from the home health worker you hire helps to calm down your parent.

Before the Person Moves Into a Care Facility

Many people prefer to stay independently at home for as long as possible, but there can come a point when someone is lonely or otherwise longs for camaraderie enough that he or she wishes to move into a care facility.

If your parent is in this situation, you may have to wait weeks or months until space becomes available. For the emotional health of your parent, a home health aide who offers companionship will make this time as pleasant as possible.

For more information about the many benefits of in-home care, contact Caring Healthcare, Inc.