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Senior woman with anxiety and caretaker

Debilitating Effects of Anxiety in Older Adults

By Senior Care

Anxiety is a common human condition affecting all age groups. However, excessive degrees of it that interfere with daily activities are not a normal part of aging. Therefore, anxiety in older adults should be a cause for concern.  How Many Seniors Suffer From Anxiety? It is estimated that anxiety disorders affect almost 4% of older adults worldwide….

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Disabled man in wheelchair with service dog helping pick up bottle

Should You Get a Service Dog?

By Uncategorized

Many people are affected by a disability that is difficult for them to overcome on their own. However, training techniques make it possible for animals to be a big help in many ways. A service dog is the most common type of service animal because of their strong affinity to humans, intelligence, and obedient nature. …

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Senior woman hand tremors drinking water sign of Parkinson's disease

10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

By Senior Care

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that affects the areas of the body controlled by nerves. It’s a condition that causes uncontrollable or unintended movements or constrictions of movements. Symptoms typically start slowly, and therefore it can be hard to tell if you or your loved one has Parkinson’s. Here are ten early signs…

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Medication safety for seniors home health care provider showing medication organizer

Medication Safety Tips for Seniors

By Senior Care

Whether or not you’ve been taking medication for years, you need to pay attention to medication safety when taking any kind of medication, including prescribed drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, supplements, and herbal preparations. Why Medication Safety Is Especially Important as You Age As you grow older, you are more likely to use a variety of medications,…

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Benefits of physical therapy for senior older woman exercising arms

6 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

By Senior Care

Are you involved in the care of a senior and wondering if physical therapy could improve their quality of life? As people age, they face different physical challenges than when they were younger. The good news is that the benefits of physical therapy for seniors can definitely be a big help, and here are six…

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woman with early dementia needing home healthcare help

What Causes Early Dementia?

By Dementia Care

Early dementia (also known as early-onset dementia, young-onset dementia, or YOD) is diagnosed before age 65. Dementia affects approximately 55 million individuals worldwide, and YOD makes up a small percentage of the overall dementia case count. What Are the Causes of Early Dementia? Some experts believe that YOD – such as Alzheimer’s disease making itself known in someone’s early…

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Changes to medicare insurance patient paperwork in doctors office

2023 Proposed Changes to Medicare Rules

By Medicare and Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued proposed changes to Medicare that will make it easier to get coverage, simplify enrollment, expand access, and implement improvements to the administration of Medicare Savings Programs. Below is an overview of what’s coming in 2023. Earlier Enrollment for Medicare  Currently, if people enroll in Medicare in the General…

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Caregiver providing home care for elderly woman

6 Signs It’s Time for Home Care

By Home Health Care

Most people, when they age, prefer to stay in their own homes. However, even if your aging loved one is currently happily living independently in their home, a day will probably arrive when it’s time for home care in the form of some extra help to manage daily living.  What Is Home Care? Home care…

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