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Can I Qualify for Both Medicare and Medicaid?

By General Health

Medicare and Medicaid are part of the social safety net that keeps elderly Americans healthy and prosperous. Without these entitlement programs, the life expectancy in this country would be significantly worse. In fact, there are more than 7.2 million low-income seniors that qualify for Medicaid. These same people have dual eligibility for Medicare as well. Read on…

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depression in seniors

How to Identify and Treat Depression in Seniors

By Elder Care, Senior Care

According to the CDC, up to 13.5% of older Americans struggle with depression. There are age-related factors besides poor health that increase the odds of developing mental health issues. On the upside, depression in seniors is treatable, so don’t lose hope. Symptoms of Geriatric Depression Perhaps you’ve been feeling downcast for long stretches, or you’ve…

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symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

8 Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease to Watch For

By Alzheimer's Care, General Health

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, reasoning, and thinking skills. Here are eight Alzheimer’s symptoms to be on the lookout for.  1. Loss of Memory One of the most common early Alzheimer’s symptoms is forgetting recently learned information. Other related signs include forgetting important events or dates and asking the same questions over…

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