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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the time of year when tricks and treats abound. From spooky haunted houses to autumnal activities like bobbing for apples, Halloween planning is in full swing.

But if your child has autism or a sensory processing disorder, the excitement of Halloween might feel more stressful than fun. If you’re worried about making Halloween enjoyable for your son or daughter, check out the tips below. With a little holiday planning, you can have a sensory-friendly Halloween to remember!

Ideas for a Sensory-Friendly Halloween

With a few sensory-friendly ideas, you can take Halloween from a minefield of overwhelming experiences to a fun day for your child. To ensure maximum family fun, find a costume that is comfortable and sensory-friendly. Avoid scratchy fabrics, and don’t use face paints if your child is sensitive to textures.

If you know a certain fabric or style that your child is fond of, you can try making your own costume to ensure their comfort.

Give your child a chance to wear their costume before Halloween night. When they are ready to head out for trick-or-treating, bring along comfort items, headphones, and other helpful tools.

If you think that a whole night of trick-or-treating will be too much, look for a local “trunk-or-treating” event. These small trick-or-treating events let your child enjoy the fun of Halloween in a smaller and more controlled setting.

If your child’s school is planning any Halloween festivities, ask about activities for children with special needs. Find out what accommodations are being made. Make sure that there are opportunities for your child to celebrate alongside their classmates.

The Importance of Halloween Planning

If you want to ensure that your child can enjoy a sensory-friendly Halloween party, you’ll need to plan it out. Practice trick-or-treating, introduce your child to their costume and make a trick-or-treating plan. These can all help your child prepare for the big night.

Make sure that you have an exit strategy. If your child is overwhelmed or not having a good time, have a plan in place to leave the party or the trick-or-treating route you’ve chosen.

Remember that your son or daughter might enjoy the holiday most if they turn in early. Let them enjoy the holiday on their terms.

Holiday Planning for a Sensory-Friendly Halloween

When it comes to holiday planning, making things right for your child with special needs can be a challenge. But you can take the stress out of planning with these sensory-friendly tips. They’re sure to be a hit for your whole family!

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