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We love our aging parents and understand why they prefer to remain independent for as long as they can. And we certainly can’t blame them. After all, we’ll be there ourselves someday! Luckily, there are a variety of helpful gadgets for seniors that can assist them with everyday tasks.

Useful Gadgets for Seniors

A spot of Googling will bring up a list such as “107 Gadgets for the Elderly,” so it helps to know what you need to prevent getting overwhelmed. Give some thought to what is challenging for your particular senior loved one. If they have weakened grip strength, they may need handy gizmos to open jars. If they can no longer reach their feet easily, they may need a device to help them put their socks on. This article will present an overview of what types of gadgets are out there.

Helpful Electronic Gadgets for Seniors

Many senior citizens tend to avoid technology or claim that it will be too difficult to learn. However, there are so many useful tech gadgets out there. If you gently coax your loved one into trying one out, they will probably find that they love it. Some of these helpful gadgets for seniors include:

  • An Amazon Echo Show (or a similar internet-connected device with a screen). This device shows the date and time in large, easy-to-read letters and numbers. It can respond to questions like, “Alexa, what’s the weather like?” or set daily reminders for medication. It also allows you to call or video chat with your loved ones and friends.
  • The usual remotes that you get with TVs nowadays seem to require an engineering degree to understand. However, you can find remotes that are easier to see and use. They have large numbers and simplified buttons – power on and off, channel, and volume up and down.
  • Cell phones specifically designed for seniors. The best ones come with large buttons and are easily programmed with the user’s most frequently called numbers. Some phones even block suspected scammers and telemarketers.

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets for Seniors

Being able to function in the kitchen is very important when it comes to maintaining independence. There are a host of useful kitchen gadgets that can make preparing meals easier for your senior loved one, such as:

Other Gadgets That Can Make Life Easier for Seniors

Helpful Gadgets for Seniors: Wrapping Up

There are so many helpful gadgets designed with seniors in mind that you should have no problem finding exactly what you and your senior loved one need.

Need Help for Your Senior in Columbia, SC?

If you need in-home help with your senior loved one, give Caring Healthcare a call. We may even be able to advise you on the most helpful gadgets for your loved one.