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Do you have a senior at home who can’t get out much, especially in winter temperatures? It can be very peaceful and calming to sit near the window with a cup of hot cocoa. However, seniors may experience an increase in cabin fever when they are stuck indoors because of the combination of the weather and limited mobility. Here are a few homebound activities to help your senior avoid feeling down and depressed during what may seem like a never-ending winter season. 

Send Them on a Virtual Vacation

Why not check out a travel video from your local library. Choose a destination that’s been on your loved one’s bucket list or one that has been a family favorite vacation spot. Your homebound senior will enjoy a sense of escape from winter, and their day will pass more quickly. 

Let Them Cozy Up With a Good Book

Check with your local library to see if it offers a Visiting Library Service for homebound seniors. Some libraries allow seniors to create a book list online, and the books are mailed directly to them. When a book is returned, the next book is sent. If your loved one is tech-savvy, make use of free downloads of ebooks or audiobooks. 

  • With thousands of podcasts available for free downloading, seniors can tune in to all kinds of topics. Plus, they can sign up for free online classes or “attend” a university lecture series on their favorite topics.

Encourage Them to Learn a New Craft

Winter is the perfect time to explore a new hobby or rediscover old favorites. Purchase a few craft supplies for your loved one’s chosen activity. From clay modeling to knitting to painting, a craft can fill up many an empty winter afternoon.

  • Maybe you can unearth those old family photos from the attic and give your loved one the task of arranging them in photo albums or scrapbooks. They’ll love reminiscing over the pictures while creating a family treasure trove of memories that can be appreciated through the years ahead.

Keep Them Gaming

Games are great homebound activities that help seniors to stay mentally engaged, whether its crosswords, sudoku, solitaire, jigsaw puzzles, scrabble, or dominoes. Set aside at least one night as family game night during the winter months. Plus, for the computer-savvy senior, there’s a host of digital games that can be played online, either alone or with others.

Use Your Crockpot

Another great homebound activity is cooking. If your loved one is not up to cooking themselves, you can help them enjoy their favorite winter comfort foods. Put together crockpot freezer meals that can be placed in the crockpot throughout the cold winter months. Many recipes can be found online, and the bags can be labeled with cooking instructions. This could be a fun weekend activity that your loved one can participate in.

  • Remind your senior to thaw out a freezer meal in the refrigerator the night before, so it’s ready for the crockpot the next day. 

Enhance the Outside View

Keep the view outside your windows interesting for your homebound loved one. Place bird feeders outside windows near where your loved one likes to sit. Your loved one will enjoy relaxing in their warm home and seeing what kinds of birds arrive for a meal. Don’t forget to provide a bird identification book.

Homebound in Columbia, South Carolina?

Caring Healthcare understands the importance of homebound activities for your loved one. Fortunately, our trained caregivers are ready and available to serve your homebound senior. If you need assistance to get you through the winter months, we are here for you. If you think your loved one could benefit from our relationship-based care, please contact us today to set up a free consultation.