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The annual holidays are wonderful times for most families. It’s not just the younger generation who anticipate the celebrations with uncontained excitement. Older family members also look forward to the holidays and the opportunity to hear about the family events of the past year and bond with their loved ones. Although it might be a challenge to help older family members travel to a family event, it’s well worth it both for them and for other members of the family. Seniors have a long history and can help those following them to know where they came from and what treasured family traditions will continue. So, here are a couple of worthwhile reasons to make an extra effort to make your elderly loved one’s holiday special.

Inclusion Means Better Health for the Elderly

When you live alone and the sun goes down early, the holidays can seem endless. So don’t let holiday loneliness happen to your senior family members. Studies have shown that strong family ties increase the likelihood of survival by fifty percent regardless of age, sex, or health status. Moreover, allowing grandparents to have a sense of purpose toward their grandchildren can help keep them mentally alert and physically active.

Inclusion Makes Seniors Feel Valued

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to go pick up an elderly family member during the holiday season. Maybe they live too far away. In this case, talk to any of your relatives who may be able to help. Perhaps some of them live closer. Families need to work together to ensure that their seniors have visitors during the holiday season so that they feel they are an essential part of the celebrations. Elders who receive visitors feel wanted and valued, so consider organizing a family event with the focus on them.

Little Things Really Do Mean a Lot

Perhaps you are unable to help with a senior on the day of the actual holiday celebration. If so, make an extra effort to visit in the days and weeks leading up to the party. Go that extra mile by helping your elderly loved one with holiday tasks such as shopping and wrapping gifts. Take them for a drive to see holiday lights or treat them to a show. And remember, ’tis the season to be jolly and kind to those who taught the family traditions that have been handed down to you. So, start planning now to include the senior members of your family in your festivities. You were once a priority in their lives, and now they should be a priority in yours.

Let Caring Healthcare Help with the Holidays

If you have an elderly loved one living in the Columbia, SC area, there may be many ways that Caring Healthcare can help out during the holiday season. Talk to us and see how we can help you make the holidays special for your senior family member.