Nursing Care

Depression After a Stroke: How Can a Caregiver Help?

By Nursing Care, Stroke Victim Care

Depression after a stroke is common, affecting approximately two-thirds of stroke patients. Stroke sufferers face not only many immediate physical challenges, but their emotional well-being is also at risk. As a caregiver, paying attention to depression and anxiety after your loved one’s stroke is important and can play a significant role in the patient’s recovery. Stroke…

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Assisted Living vs. Home Care: What’s the Right Decision?

By Elder Care, General Health, Home Health Care, Nursing Care, senior care

Do you have an elderly family member who obviously needs daily care? If so, deciding the best way to go is probably stressful and overwhelming. Two common considerations are assisted living vs. home care. The majority of adults would naturally say they prefer to age at home in their familiar surroundings. However, many family members report that…

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