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8 Treatable Issues that Mimic Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease

8 Treatable Issues that Mimic Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

By Alzheimer's Care, Elder Care, General Health, senior care

If someone that you love or care for is exhibiting symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, rule out an underlying cause or condition. Dementia covers a wide span of behaviors that could also be explained by causes unrelated to Alzheimer’s Disease, and that can be treated with a positive prognosis. Eight very treatable conditions that…

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Prepare for the Doctor's Appointment: Tips for Caregivers

Prepare for the Doctor’s Appointment: Tips for Caregivers

By Alzheimer's Care, Dementia Care, Diabetes Care, Elder Care, General Health, Nursing Care, Special Needs, Stroke Victim Care

If you are a caregiver, either a family member or a professional personal care aide, an important part of being a caregiver is to work with doctors and other healthcare professionals who are involved in caring for the patient. You may find it advantageous to accompany the patient to the doctor on the next scheduled…

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