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Elder Care

How to Protect Seniors From Falls at Home

By Elder Care

The majority of people age 50 and up want to stay in their current homes for as long as possible. Most seniors would like to age in place rather than move into assisted living or even with family members. But senior falls make it much more challenging to remain at home, and the risk of them poses…

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depression in seniors

How to Identify and Treat Depression in Seniors

By Elder Care, Senior Care

According to the CDC, up to 13.5% of older Americans struggle with depression. There are age-related factors besides poor health that increase the odds of developing mental health issues. On the upside, depression in seniors is treatable, so don’t lose hope. Symptoms of Geriatric Depression Perhaps you’ve been feeling downcast for long stretches, or you’ve…

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6 Ways to Finance In-Home Care

By Elder Care, Home Health Care

The average cost of daily in-home care is around $4,000 per month which might be too steep a price for many. However, most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. So the question is how to finance in-home care when it becomes necessary. This post discusses six ways to ensure that your elderly loved…

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