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On April 2, you might see buildings lit up with blue lights and your friends might wear blue shirts. There is a good reason for this – it’s to shine a bright light on autism. This global initiative is to raise awareness about a growing concern to many people who are living with autism.

It isn’t only children in public schools who must manage the disorder. Adults in your community live with it. Caregivers spend hours helping their loved one with daily care. Many times, you won’t even know the struggles that go on in a home with a person with autism, but there is often a high level of stress in the family as they cope with the challenges of living with a unique individual

What Can You Do in April to Support Awareness?

  • Get the autism awareness ribbon and wear it proudly all month.
  • Connect with your local Autism Society affiliate and attend one or more of their events this month to learn more.
  • Share your experiences with autism with others online and in your community.
  • Ask your community to hold sensory activities for special needs families.
  • Ask a caregiver of a person with autism what you can do to help.

People who are living with autism have a lot to give to their community. For more information about Autism Awareness Month, contact thein home care experts at Caring, Inc.