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Are you struggling to help your senior loved ones stay connected while they are socially distanced? Those of us who can venture safely out wearing a mask feel less cut off from life. But, high-risk seniors who are stuck at home have to fight off feelings of isolation and boredom. If you need assistance to help your loved one feel less isolated, here are six quarantine activities for seniors to consider.

1. Pick up a new project

Maybe your senior has piles of photos collected over the years sitting in boxes in the attic. Everyone likes looking at old family photos, and your senior can get caught up in past memories while organizing them into scrapbooks. Scanning and downloading photos to the internet and creating digital albums might also be a good idea. Still, your senior might need a little help from a tech-savvy younger family member. This would also provide an opportunity to interact with a grandchild or great-nephew/niece via Skype or Zoom. 

2. Complete a craft

Quarantine activities might involve discovering a new craft. There are many crafting ideas out there, some your senior might never have even thought of. If they knit, crochet, sew, or quilt, making gifts for those in need can provide a meaningful connection to others, even if the giver and receiver never meet. People in homeless shelters and assisted living centers would love to receive a handmade gift. 

3. Spend time with your loved ones virtually

There are several popular platforms – FaceTime, Skype, Zoom – that can keep your senior in touch with family and friends. Also, your senior’s house of worship may conduct virtual services where participation would go a long way to lessen that feeling of isolation. If your loved one isn’t tech-savvy, have that tech whizz kid in your family teach them how to use these digital tools. 

4. Write letters

Maybe your senior prefers to correspond the old-fashioned way by handwriting letters. This is a good way to keep in touch with friends in the same age group who are also quarantined. Or, make a pen pal of a young child who is just learning to read and write and who will be thrilled to receive letters in the mail. 

5. Adopt a pet

This suggestion is a biggie in terms of commitment, time, and cash, but an older cat or dog may be just what’s needed in terms of great companionship for a senior, especially during this period of quarantine. Avoid surprising them with a kitten or puppy, as young animals might prove to be too much to cope with. If your senior lives alone, make sure they have the ability to care for a pet. 

6. Stay active

Social distancing doesn’t mean your senior shouldn’t go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Quarantine activities for seniors can include outdoor strolls with a family member or friend if social distancing is adhered to. Also, If your loved one is able, there are exercise videos available specifically aimed at seniors to help them maintain strength and mobility while staying safely indoors. 

If you need help

The caregivers at Caring Healthcare are here to help make your senior feel less isolated. Get in touch with us to see how we can assist your senior in feeling more connected with the world and, at the same time, keep safe.