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August 2022

Disabled man in wheelchair with service dog helping pick up bottle

Should You Get a Service Dog?

By Uncategorized

Many people are affected by a disability that is difficult for them to overcome on their own. However, training techniques make it possible for animals to be a big help in many ways. A service dog is the most common type of service animal because of their strong affinity to humans, intelligence, and obedient nature. …

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Senior woman hand tremors drinking water sign of Parkinson's disease

10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

By Senior Care

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that affects the areas of the body controlled by nerves. It’s a condition that causes uncontrollable or unintended movements or constrictions of movements. Symptoms typically start slowly, and therefore it can be hard to tell if you or your loved one has Parkinson’s. Here are ten early signs…

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