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June 2022

woman with early dementia needing home healthcare help

What Causes Early Dementia?

By Dementia Care

Early dementia (also known as early-onset dementia, young-onset dementia, or YOD) is diagnosed before age 65. Dementia affects approximately 55 million individuals worldwide, and YOD makes up a small percentage of the overall dementia case count. What Are the Causes of Early Dementia? Some experts believe that YOD – such as Alzheimer’s disease making itself known in someone’s early…

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Changes to medicare insurance patient paperwork in doctors office

2023 Proposed Changes to Medicare Rules

By Medicare and Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued proposed changes to Medicare that will make it easier to get coverage, simplify enrollment, expand access, and implement improvements to the administration of Medicare Savings Programs. Below is an overview of what’s coming in 2023. Earlier Enrollment for Medicare  Currently, if people enroll in Medicare in the General…

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