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Learning through play can help your little ones enhance their skills and imagination. This article will talk about winter sensory activities that you can do with your little ones.

Treasure Hunting With a Twist

Take out plastic containers and fill them with water along with some items you think your little ones would love. Freeze them overnight and loosen the ice before giving them to your kids. Make sure you give them some tools to help them dig their treasure. This activity can enhance your child’s motor skills — or critical thinking if you decide to teach them to do some experiments with it.

Making Potions With Ice Cubes

Do you have food coloring at home? Prepare at least four large containers and fill them with water and ice cubes. Put some food coloring in the three containers and ice cubes in the other. Provide your kids with cups or spoons that they can use to scoop out the ice cubes from one bin to the other. Ask them to stir the water to make their magic potions. Your kids get to enhance their eye-hand coordination by scooping the ice cubes into the other bin.

Making Snow

Who says you can’t make fake snow? You just need baking soda and hair conditioner to make your little ones happy. Combine two and a half cups of baking soda with half a cup of conditioner in a medium-sized bowl. Mold it into interesting shapes, such as a snowman or penguins. Just make sure that you look after them, so they don’t rub their eyes. You get to promote your child’s brain function by introducing them to different temperatures and textures.


Buy some cardboard ornaments and washable paint for this activity. Ask your little ones to paint the figure with any color they want. If possible, go with figures that your kids can recognize so that they can try to visualize the object and use the right colors. This activity enhances their imagination and introduces them to the beautiful world of colors.

Playing With Polar Animals

If you have time to go to the shop, buy some polar animals and put them in a large bin. Let your kids play with them while educating them about the animals living in the north and south poles and how they keep warm to survive.

Winter Bottles

Prepare medium-sized bottles for this activity and some food coloring. Put some water in the bottles and freeze colored ice cubes. Ask your kids to put the ice cubes in the bottles and let them observe how the water changes colors.

Sticky Snowman

Prepare some colored paper, cotton and glue. Paste a large colored paper on the wall and ask your little ones to make a snowman using the materials given to them. Don’t forget to take pictures of their work and compliment them after.

Snowman Bowling

Grab small recycling bins and help your kids create a snowman out of them. Then, go outdoors and let them play bowling. This activity can enhance their eye-hand coordination.

Iceberg Hop

To enhance your child’s motor skills, create icebergs out of paper and pretend that the floor is Arctic ice and that they need to hop around to navigate the area.

Bubble Wrap Run Winter Activity

Do you have some bubble wrap at home? Use them to create a bubble wrap run to let your kids stay active in the winter.

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