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Making Life Easier

Whether you need home health care assistance with an elderly loved one, a special needs child, or need extra help with other family members, Caring Healthcare is here for you. Call us today to learn how we can help.

In-Home Care – Since 1995

Experience That Counts

Let Caring Healthcare assist you or your loved one in the comfort and safety of your own home. We provide in-home care services to the elderly, disabled adults and children, intellectually impaired adults and children, and special needs children. We are a licensed provider offering over 20 years of experience to our clients.

Trusted Provider

Caring Healthcare contracts with South Carolina to provide services to Community Long-Term Care recipients and Department of Disabilities and Special Needs recipients. We also are here to help private individuals in need of in-home care services. Let us assist you with your specific needs and schedule.

Flexible Options

We can offer two to 24 hours of care seven days a week. Caring Healthcare is here for your short-term needs while you recuperate from an illness or injury. We are also here for the long term, if you need regularly scheduled help to maintain your safety and independence.

Local & Family Owned

Caring Healthcare is locally owned and operated. We have been serving the Midlands area since 1995, and we continue to be committed to the well-being of the residents of our community.

Extensive Screening

Our compassionate and courteous in-home care aides are experienced in providing routine personal care, transportation, supervision and companionship to our clients. We select our quality in-home care aides through an extensive background check and pre-employment screenings in an effort to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Our respite care aides take part in ongoing continuing education to better equip them to serve our clients.

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Do you need more information?

We have a caring staff of pre-qualified, experienced in-home care professionals ready to serve you. Even if you’re not sure what kind of care you require we would love to speak with you.

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